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4th Oct 2009

Hello lovely people

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you ask yourself ”Why have things gone so wrong for me?  What have I done to deserve this?”

I have had many of them over the years.  When I was still a church goer, the standard sanctimonious answer was “Just suffer through it.  One day you will see the reason why God has punished you like this, and then you will understand.”

It made no sense to me whatsoever that this old man with a beard sitting up there in the clouds would “punish” me with things like a broken leg, a divorce, redundancy, friends who disappointed me and so on.

Surely He had other, more useful things to do with His time than to think out these various “punishments” for me?  And if He really was gunning for me, then he had his knife in for everyone around me as well, because they each had their own version of “punishment”.

The funny thing was that over the years I did discover why things had happened to me – and no, it had absolutely nothing to do with punishment for my sins.

I discovered that sin had nothing to do with my “evil” nature.  For me, sin happens when I move away from my true, loving nature.  And guess what?  I am not the only person who has a loving nature.  The more I looked around, the more I discovered that the world is filled with good, kind, loving people.

All of these people experienced their own version of “sin”.   All of them wanted to know why unpleasant things happened to them.

The question I asked my self was:  why was it that while I had these bad experiences, I could not understand why or what was happening to me, but later on, looking back, they all made complete sense to me?

This triggered my search for the meaning of human experiences.  My reasoning was that if we all have to go through these experiences, surely we could expedite them if we knew their purpose?

My quest has led me to two conclusions.   The first is that there really is a purpose behind every experience – but it has nothing to do with punishment or suffering.  Life is one massive experience, filled with a series of smaller experiences.  Every single life experience we have are part of a bigger Plan.

For most of our lives we are not aware of this Plan.  We just get through every day, and we have no idea of what happens to us and how we learn and grow.
To be continued

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Love and Light

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