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14th Oct 2009

Hello lovely people

Are you tired from work today?  Are you putting your feet up and having a drink?

Before you take another sip, let me ask you: who gave you permission to have that drink?

If you are saying it is none of my business, you are right.  However, if I was a shop assistant in the UK, it could easily have been my business.

Of course you are an adult and you can decide when, where and how much you want to drink.  And chances are that you are a generation older than the average shop assistant.

How would you feel if you go to your local friendly supermarket to buy your favourite tipple, and the shop assistant refuses to serve you?  Would you go back to that shop?

Before you answer: what if the shop assistant is acting on instructions?  Would you really want to shoot the messenger?

The UK is well known in Europe for having the highest level of alcoholism.  For every one person who is addicted to a class A drug, there are six people who are addicted to alcohol.

A BBC web page states “There is an urgent need for the government to give as high a priority to tackling alcohol dependency as it does to addressing drug misuse.”

How does the government do this?  Since 2002 drinkers no longer need to finish their drinks so that the pubs can close at 11pm.  The pubs can now stay open later because when the law was changed, “Ministers also hope[d] the changes would help “encourage a more civilised culture in pubs, bars and restaurants”.

No that makes complete sense to me.  Take one drunk, aggressive person who knows of no other way to entertain themselves than to get blind drunk night after night.  Add lots more alcohol and a very tired publican.  Stir in some equally drunk buddies, and voila – problem solved.  The result?  A “more civilised culture”.

But at the same time the law was changed to ensure that this drunken behaviour is limited to people over 18.  Apparently it is OK to turn 18 and have no experience with alcohol.  Not that I am encouraging excessive drinking at any age, but there is nothing wrong with anything in moderation.  I just wonder how many 18-year-olds learn moderation from an older generation who is encouraged to spend longer hours in the pub so that they can achieve a “more civilised culture”.

To be continued.

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Love and Light

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