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11th Oct 2009

Hello Lovely People
This is an unusual post, because I have come across a great opportunity which some of you may benefit from.  This is all about internet marketing.  However, if you do not do internet marketing, make a note of the  My Outrageous Wellbeing Giveaway website, because it is still a great opportunity to get some great freebies in the next week.
All the great online marketers suggest that it is imperative that you ‘build a list’ from your website, so you can keep in touch with your site visitors.  So I’ve spent my time creating an irresistible offer and setting up my email marketing so thatI can capture the details of my visitors and show them why I am great to deal with.
However, it’s a slow process – building your list is imperative, but you can only build as fast as the traffic to your site.  If you don’t have a lot of traffic, you won’t be building a list quickly.
I’ve seen lots of ways to drive traffic to my site – lots of ways that promise 1 million visitors in a short period of time, and these do deliver – but it’s only traffic.  The visitors generated by that traffic are not necessarily interested in what I have to say, or sell, so they visit and move on again, really quickly!  This is untargetted traffic and whilst a small percentage of that large volume will convert to a subscriber, I always feel like I’m spinning my wheels, spending my money and not getting anywhere.
Then I found the My Outrageous Wellbeing Giveaway. It’s been put together by Charly Leetham, Small Business Coach and Online Marketing Expert and Lenore Miller of Outrageously Healthy.
Charly and Lenore have teamed with some amazing people in the Health and Wellness niche, like Maryam Webster, Laura and Liz from The Way To Bliss Now, Gillian  Hood-Gabrielson and Joe Rubino (to name a few) to make this event a success.
Each of these fabulous VIP Joint Venture partners are keen to spread the word  and send traffic to the event, which will mean traffic for all contributors.

The giveaway promotion will generate lots of lovely visitors and as soon as members realize there really are no gimmicks they will start telling all their friends.

The best thing is – is that the traffic will be people who are looking for solutions in the Health and Wellness area – targetted visitors….
The exposure will be great and I’m very excited about it. If you have a website offering products or service, have a free offer (or can create one) and want to build your marketing list – this is an opportunity for you. You can become a contributor to the event, help promote it and benefit from the promotion of the other JV’s and contributors as well.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Sign up as a contributor to My Outrageous Giveaway. Just go here
  2. Contribute a free gift in the form of a digital download product (like an e-book, audio, video, membership site access, etc) to the gifts section.
  3. Provide a means for your members to sign-up and collect their free product. You will need to be able to set up an autoresponder for this task. (A great and reliable service is:
  4. Invite other contributors to join the event, remember this will help you build your list as well as create a great event with a variety of contributors and products
  5. Make sure your links work correctly and then join the rest of the team to promote the site from October 13th, 2009 onwards.
Lenore and Charly have made this so easy. It’s all dynamic. You set the text and logo’s yourself and your gift is automatically and instantly added to the sales pages and members  area.
The event opens for the General Public on October 13th, so you need to become a contributor now, put your gift up and start promoting now.
Love and Light
PS: I am a professional transition coach.  I help individuals and businesses to achieve their personal and commercial objectives.

What is the one thing which is consuming all your energy at the moment?

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