Extract from The Young

2nd May 2008

Hello lovely people

An old man who was sitting with his back against the trunk of a large tree, got up slowly. He unfolded his limbs like a very slow waltz on a concertina. He was in pain, but also in control of his body. His body was failing him, but he tried not to take notice, and to negotiate around the parts that would not cooperate.

His clothes were soaking wet. He took off his shirt and dried it out. He put it on again. He struggled to remove his shoes. They were torn and old. Only the toes still resembled shoes. The toes needed mending where the socks were showing. The heels were no longer heels. They were flat from giving in too much, and no longer bothered to stand up and fight back.

He removed his trousers and dried them out. His fingers were stiff and knobbly. It was a slow process. He did not want to hurt more than was absolutely necessary, but he also did not want to leave too much damp in the cloth.

He slowly put his trousers on again.

He looked around him and smelled the wet leaves of the tree. A bird perched on another tree and looked at him. He looked right back. The bird nodded its head, wiggled its tail and flew off again. The old man smiled in victory.

Read the whole story in A Tapestry of Life, a collection of short stories about moments that changed people’s lives. The book can also be obtained from Trafford Publishing.

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