Coping with Widowhood


Finally! A Spiritual Explanation of Widowhood and Bereavement, Based on Science and Facts.

At last, answers to those questions that the medical world can’t answer, religion won’t answer, and therapists prefer not to answer, all packed into a 237-page workbook, PDF format, that brings relief and healing as you receive insightful facts and ways to ease your grief in the comfort of your own home!

From: Elsabe Smit

Dear Friend

Did you know that death in the family is one of the top five stressors in modern life?

My name is Elsabe Smit. I have been working initially as a psychologist and later on as a psychic and clairvoyant for many years.

Many clients come to see me because they have been widowed, and they struggle to cope with their bereavement. They feel quite lost and isolated, as if their entire life has been stripped away and they are left naked and vulnerable with no way to cope and no-one to turn to.

We all reach a point where we ask the same questions: Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? How can I get my life back? What am I being punished for? Why am I still alive? Just help me out of this black hole!

I define a widowed person as any adult that has lost a life partner. This includes people that have been married, those that never married but shared their life, engaged people who lost their fiancés or fiancées to death, and also people who have lost same-sex partners.

Bereavement does not consider your age, gender or marital status when it happens.

Apart from the tangible issues such as funerals and wills that all have to deal with, every person’s experience is different. This adds to the confusion and loneliness of a widowed person.

My own life crises, which includes divorce, single parenthood, disillusionment with organised religion, illness, dealing with addiction of loved ones, and redundancy (to name but a few) have on numerous occasions left me in a spiritual desert where I had to find my own way and regain my identity.

Somehow each one of my experiences has led me further down a spiritual path where I had many questions and few answers.

I grew up in a very conservative, religious, tradition-bound culture. My personal crises time and again made me realise that if I do not keep searching for answers, I could easily become a victim and spend my life in a state of self-pity.

I had to break some taboos, overcome fear and guilt, and destroy traditional boundaries to get my answers.

As my clairvoyance grew and I started working with widowed clients, I recognised many of the same issues that I have experienced in my life, and this enabled me to help widowed people.

However, I could only answer a limited number of questions during any therapy or psychic reading.

Too often I found myself as a loss as to where to refer clients for further information on what is happening to them. My training as a psychologist helped up to a point, where the theories dried up and I had no answers.

Over time I realised that my gift of being psychic has placed me in the ideal position to obtain information and share my knowledge about a different view of this world.

I have struggled with issues related to life and death. I have asked questions about religion and new age and spirituality. I have been in the depths of despair and in the loneliest space on earth. I have experienced physical dis-ease that reflected my spiritual state. I have made stupid decisions, knowing that I am not myself, and being unable to stop myself.

What has always intrigued me was one question: Why? Why is this happening to me? Why does nobody understand me or my life?

One of my biggest passions in life is to help as many people as possible to first understand their emotional, physical and spiritual pain. They can then learn what they need to, and move on to live fulfilling creative lives.

I want to help people have those aha moments, and feel gratitude for the greatness of our Creation while healing spiritually.

I also have a gift of explaining things in the simplest possible way so that people can understand what is happening to them and how these concepts relate to them.

My journey has taken me into the world of energy medicine, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry and other interesting fields. I discovered that the more questions I asked the more answers I received.

In recent times close friends of mine have become widowed and struggled with finding their balance again. Other friends and relatives are aware that they will soon be widowed and they want answers and explanations.

I have realised that I have access to a vast amount of information that I can make available to help widowed people as well as those that will be widowed soon, to understand and appreciate their journey.

Widowhood is an experience that puts you on a fast track into the unknown. Would you want to get onto safe grounds again as soon as possible?

The most insecure part of being widowed is the questions related to faith, religion and spirituality.

Health issues are tangible and you can see the symptoms. Emotional issues are tangible because you can express your emotions. The practical issues related to death are tangible, because there is a funeral service, a coffin, a will and other tangible things to deal with.

However, when it comes to questions related to faith, religion and spirituality, nothing is tangible. People have many questions that they do not want to or would not dare ask, or that they ask repeatedly without getting any satisfactory answers.

Any formal religion is based on an interpretation of specific material, whether it is the Bible, the Koran, the Hindu or Buddhist scriptures or any other book of religious knowledge.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is not based on any particular book of knowledge. Your issues are intangible and your conversations (and arguments) about God, life, death, heaven, hell, eternity and so on all happen in your head.

Often your own picture is blurred by rigid beliefs, firm convictions and emotions of guilt, fear, anxiety, not wanting to betray parents or church affiliations, and not wanting to change until the future is crystal clear.

The paradox is that the future only becomes crystal clear as a result of continuous change.

The field of spirituality is so wide and there are so many interpretations that people often struggle to distinguish new age hype from practical truth.

Formal religion often has a bias against spirituality and the esoteric, and that adds to the guilt and fear of exploring the unknown.

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach provides a safe means of exploring the most common and basic spiritual issues.

You may be surprised to discover a single picture emerges which provides answers to your physical, emotional and spiritual issues that become prominent as a result of becoming widowed.

There is a hidden rhythm and wealth of knowledge in nature that we often only become aware of as a result of desperation. We take even longer to understand the beautiful design of the Universe and where we fit into this design.

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach explores various aspects of this perfect design, and allows you to explore your own experiences and emotions in relation to this design.

If you are religious, this book will give you an even greater appreciation of the truths in your religious beliefs, and help you focus on your positive feelings rather than your destructive emotions.

If you are not religious, you will find your own truth in this book and appreciate the universal rhythm that you are part of.

Once you become widowed, there is no return.

You would not want to be stuck in a space of pain and confusion and self-pity for many years. If you want to grow from the experience, get your life back again and live a rich, fulfilling life with or without a new partner, I have good news for you.

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach will help you gain a new perspective. Your experience is unique, and you will be able to understand why that is the case and how you can become whole again.

I have researched other books aimed at helping widowed people gain their balance again.

Do these books have a place in the market?


Many of those books focus on individual journeys. Some of the information is useful, but your journey is unique and you often still have questions and unresolved issues once you have studied another person’s journey.

There are other books which provide a theoretical framework for clinical therapy. There are times when this approach works, but at the end of the day every widowed person is responsible for their own healing, and this is where the clinical theories and efforts often fall short.

There are books that provide a religious slant and answers based on specific religious texts. This helps some people, but more of the same does not provide answers when you have doubts and questions about the religion itself.

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach allows you to make up your own mind, and follow your own judgement in terms of what is right for you and what you want to explore further. The book provides a holistic picture of your experience.

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach is not based on or against any specific religion. There is a place for everything in the Universe.

You will realise that although there is a common thread, your version of being widowed is like walking through a supermarket and filling your trolley with your own unique combination of groceries.

This is neither right nor wrong, but rather another reason for standing in awe at the astonishing design that we all form part of.

Rather than feel isolated and alone because your experience of being widowed is unique, you will appreciate what makes you so different.

Here is what Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach can do for you:

It helps you understand why you have become widowed. Once you feel less like a victim and more in charge of your life and your destiny, you no longer wade through the treacle of pain. You take control of your life, your health, your relationships and your future.

This does not necessarily mean that your life becomes a walk in the park. It does mean that you understand why you have particular experiences.

When you understand what you had to learn from your experience, you get through it quicker and have a quality of life that you otherwise would only have wished for.

And the best part? You become your true self. Yes, I know this sounds like a new age cliché, but once you have read the book you will have a different take on other clichés like having a mid-life crisis or being re-born.

You will be a new person – and at the same time the person you have always been. This new you will not need to dress in a different manner or do weird things to make you stand out.

You will simply be your true self, whether you are a lawyer, a drama queen, a computer geek or anything else. Widowhood affects all of us at some stage, and there is no single mould that we all need to fit into.

Think about it…

Why did you become widowed?

As someone once said to me, if it was easy, everyone would have chosen it. Just the fact that you chose being widowed as part of your life experience places you on a different path where you experience accelerated pain, joy, and other emotions.

What a brilliant design!

The FILE for LIFE® technology is used in Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach. The FILE for LIFE® technology provides a holistic approach that explains your individual experience against the background of a design that is so rich that it blows your mind.

You probably feel like an ant travelling along a ridge with many hills and valleys. You already feel so tired and you cannot see an end to it all. Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach will lift you up like a light breeze. You will realise that you have been travelling the rim of the same bowl for a long time. When the breeze lets go of you, of course you would first think about falling to the ground. But what if you discover that you can fly and you spread your wings and do just that.

This is me, Elsabe Smit

This is me, Elsabe Smit

Do you want Repeated Therapy and
Medication, or do you want to
Heal and Enjoy Life again?

I provide therapy with a difference – and in a workbook for which you only pay once.

I do not teach you any single theoretical approach to use, because such approaches are often based on assumptions about which situations they should be used in.

Theoretical approaches are also often culture-bound, whereas Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach transcends cultural boundaries.

I do not change your way of thinking, because it would be quite easy for you to change back to what feels comfortable for you once I leave.

I do not resolve your problems. Why would I want to teach you to hand your problems over to me or someone else rather than resolve them yourself?

I help you to discover your own inner wisdom and resources. Your own personal Library of solutions is huge, and there is an answer or a solution for every situation you could ever find yourself in.

I help you open the door to your Library, and teach you how to use the Library. Imagine how much money you save in professional counselling fees, and how you can spend that money on treating yourself!

Life is not a quick and easy trip. Life is a journey with a series of lessons, and an exercise in becoming whole. Once you understand this and have access to your inner resources, you will smile in anticipation every time life throws a new experience at you.

You will understand when people talk about inner peace – another one of those elusive new age concepts – and experience your own inner peace with a knowing smile. You will not only have the warm, fuzzy feeling, but also a scientific explanation that will make sense to you.

This book provides you with a means of identifying the emotional and spiritual rocks in your path and breaking them. Once you have done this, you will find dealing with the smaller stones and even with new big rocks as easy as a walk in the park.

You will understand why there are obstacles in your life path. Rather than complain about them and feeling victimised, you will have a means of managing these obstacles.

Imagine hitting your head against a brick wall for weeks, even months on end, and not feeling any better. Then someone shows you how to let this brick wall go up in smoke. Would you want to accept this kind of magic and apply it regularly to all brick walls in your life? I would.

And if you choose to reject the magic, at least you will have made an informed decision. Maybe you chose to go through life with a headache and a lump on your head. Which other therapy gives you the option to reject it while still making life easier for you?

You may wonder whether Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach and the FILE for LIFE® technology will work for you.

Over the years I have had clients who did not believe a word of what I told them. They went away and returned later on when they realised that they had run out of options. They kept returning for more information and today they live happy, balanced lives that they are in charge of.

You wonder why they needed to return to me? The answer is simple: they did not have Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach to refer to and read at their leisure.

You will have the book to read and refer to whenever you wish. Imagine – therapy that you can do over and over again, and you only pay for it once!

I have had other clients who had already explored alternative thinking. They felt confused and lost, because there were too many options available to them. They had no idea how to discern and decide what they wanted.

I helped them to clarify their thoughts, and as a result they could choose what was right for them. Imagine owning an encyclopaedia of therapy and you can pick a different solution every time, while only paying once!

I have also had clients who were already well versed in alternative thinking, and who used me as a sounding board to confirm their own intuition.

Have you ever suspected something that most people told you did not exist or was not true? And then you found just one source that confirmed your suspicion, and provided solid proof. Did you want to shout out “I told you so”?

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach will help you say “I knew it – and here is the proof”.

I have had clients visit me, looking broken and bruised. It was such a joy to see them glowing and looking happy after only a few hours. Once another piece of the puzzle falls in place and you can see the entire picture, you experience joy and gratitude that brings tears to your eyes. As a result of the FILE for LIFE® technology I have seen people glow with a healthy energy that they had not experienced in years.

Imagine reading a book that helps you achieve the same effect – time and again, regardless of what life throws at you. Would that make you feel empowered and in control of your own life? You bet.

Counselling and therapy have a place. However, it becomes an expensive and time-consuming business when you see counselling and therapy as a solution to every challenge that you experience – especially when life is a series of challenges. And then there is the hassle of finding a therapist that is right for you and your situation.

This book provides you with access to an approach that can be applied to any situation you find yourself in, regardless of your background, beliefs or culture.

You want to know how I can be so sure that the FILE FOR LIFE® technology can be used for every life crisis, no matter how big or small it is? The FILE FOR LIFE® technology is based on experiences that are universal – we all bleed when we get cut, we all get born, we all die, we all use our thinking processes every day to make decisions, from the simplest to the most complex.

Are these universal experiences so generic that the book provides a watered down, generic approach? On the contrary. The book acknowledges that life is like Forrest Gump’s chocolate box. You never know what you will pick next. What you do know is that once you picked your chocolate, you have to eat it.

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach provides a means of putting your experiences in context and understanding why you chose the experiences.

Then Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach gives you access to many different solutions, so that you can choose the one that is appropriate for your situation.

Would you want to attend a funeral in a swim suit? Would you consider wearing a formal suit to bed? Of course not. You would choose the appropriate clothes for every occasion.

In a similar manner the inner resources that you will discover by reading this book will provide you with a whole array of solutions and approaches to life’s challenges, so that you can choose the appropriate one for each situation.

Imagine how much better you will feel when you can see yourself becoming whole again. Imagine feeling in control of your life again, rather than swaying from one crisis to another. Imagine understanding that each crisis is in fact a challenge that you can take on and overcome. How long has it been since you have felt like that?

Coping with Widowhood – A Spiritual Approach provides answers to your most important questions, including “Why me”, “How do I get back to normal” and “Is there anything after this life”.

First, let me tell you a little about Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach. It is unlike anything else that is on the market for widowed people.

The wisdom and the creative thought that went into this powerful book will be a real eye-opener for you.

You can invest the next 30-40 years searching for answers or you can own Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach now and get an answer on every page of the book.

If you would like an indication of answers that you will receive in this book from a practising clairvoyant with a no-nonsense approach and a practical, factual approach to life, you need to invest the next couple of minutes to take a look at this.

Are you a little concerned about venturing into the unknown and finding information that you have not been exposed to before? You do that every time you pick up a newspaper or read a work of fiction or non-fiction. This book is not fiction, even though it explains many intangible things you may have thought of as fiction before.

If you have religious beliefs, you are exposed every day to things that your religion might not approve of, for example violence, prejudice, sex crimes to name but a few. When you read about these things, you may add some judgement, but you will read it anyway, because you live in this world.

Of course you can read this book with the same attitude – take what you want and discard what you do not agree with. Nothing prevents you from treating Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach as fiction if the information ventures away from your own belief system. If you were able to find your answers about heaven, hell, life, death, eternity, healing, psychics and so on in other books, you would not have continued your search and discovered this book.

Nobody call tell you what to believe or explore. You make your own decisions about everything in your life – from mundane things like when to do the dishes, to more esoteric things like what religion, if any, you want to support.

Speaking of religion – if your religious beliefs do not provide the answers you are looking for and you are searching elsewhere, that is good news.

Any religion is an interpretation of the truth that one group of people feel comfortable with. Which religion is the right one? Which facet of a diamond is the right one?

You know best what is right for you. If you want to keep and strengthen your religious beliefs, that is right for you. If you want to question and even discard your religious beliefs, that decision will also be right for you.

You are not afraid of changing your shoes to a larger size when your feet have grown. You are not afraid of changing jobs when you reach a different level of skill. Why would you hesitate to question any religious beliefs that now cause discomfort for you?

Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach allows you to explore your religious beliefs. You can ask questions and find answers. Your religious beliefs may be strengthened, or they may no longer serve you.

Either way, once you have read Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach, you will have much more clarity on what you want to believe and what you want to reject.

You will understand that widowhood is a spiritual journey. Clarity in your mind and spirit will result in clarity in your body and emotions, and you will be on firm grounds again.

You may have wanted to make contact with your deceased partner. I can just imagine the questions you have – should you make contact with the dead? Is it possible to talk to dead people? Where are they now? What happens to them after death?

And of course there are the many questions that you have for your dead partner. Why did they die and leave you behind? Where are they now? What are they doing? Where did they pay the various bills? When did they last service the car? Do they still love you? What would they think or do if they discover you finding comfort in the arms of someone else?

And then there are those experiences that defy logic, for example when you wake up from a dream that was so real that you reach out to touch your partner, only to remember that they are no longer there. Or the radio switches on and plays your favourite music – how does that happen, and should you be afraid of these things? This book will provide you with explanations that are backed up by science.

And of course if you really want to speak to your dead partner and it is still not happening, Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach will provide you with explanations that will get them off the hook and make you think about yourself.

You may still be concerned that I am not widowed and will not understand what you are going through. Consider this: you have seven main chakras, each with their own emotional, physical and spiritual symptoms.

Add to that the 22 main steps on your eternal journey (and you can focus on any combination of these steps as well as many detours for each one at any given time).

Now stir in any combination of over 3 000 emotions. How do you identify which combination of these aspects form your unique blueprint? And is there even one other person on this planet who will exactly understand you?

If Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach provides you with a means of identifying your unique combination, would you not agree that you have made lots of progress?

And if you then also learn how to move towards wholeness and healing, would you say that Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach is a bargain at any price?

Of course I could bring out the age-old argument that you would not want to consult someone who has a brain tumour on how to remove the tumour or prevent it in the first place, but I saved that one for the book.

naturally I would not understand your specific journey through life, because there are as many variations as there are people on this earth.

But would you agree that I can at least teach you how to read the map, and give you advice on the quality of the roads and where to find the most nourishing meals and most comfortable bed to rest on?

After all, I am psychic, I do talk to dead people, and I am also quite alive and highly intelligent and not gullible – and I am very good at explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

Of course you can read books that are written by psychologists and other widowed people – you have free will and can make your own decisions.
Do you want to know how abstract concepts such as tarot, chakras, auras, your blueprint for your life, sacred geometry and quantum mechanics can help you cope with widowhood and spiritual crises?

Have you tried using alcohol, medication, food, sex or other addictions to dull the pain? They all had side effects for which you probably needed more alcohol, medication, food or sex. They all have consequences that create more problems than they resolve.

Learning about the tarot journey, even if you do not believe in anything esoteric, will bring you one aha moment after another. You may even look like one of those nodding dogs, because there will be so many things that you will recognise and associate with.

And if you never use tarot cards to clarify your future, you will still return to the tarot journey time and again because it makes so much sense.

Working with chakras and auras has the side effect of making you feel more balanced and in control. I don’t know about you, but I can live with that.

And if you still do not believe that they even exist, after you have done simple physical exercises to experience them, at least the very worst side effect you will have is a relaxing experience.

Do you think that quantum mechanics sound far too complicated for you to understand? English is my second language. If you are still reading and understand what I am saying to you, I am 100% sure you will read the chapter about the spiral once and be able to explain to other people how fermions become bosons.

And did you know that until about 200 years ago quantum mechanics did not exist, because it deals with concepts that you can barely discern under the strongest microscope?

If you can send a text message on a mobile or cell phone (which did not exist until about 30 years ago) you can learn basic information about atoms and neurons that will help you sleep better at night.

Of course, if mobile or cell phones are still a mystery to you, you can always ask a 6-year-old child to teach you how to use the phone, and at the same time ask them about their imaginary friends and intuitive experiences. Children only learn later in life to suppress their intuition.

You may be concerned that this book will have you adopting pet rocks or chanting mantras while sitting in the lotus position somewhere in a field at dawn, so that you can process your widowhood experiences. If that kind of thing turns you on, go for it.

I have a good selection of crystals because they fascinate me and they are beautiful (and I have researched their healing properties and made up my mind based on facts).

I burn incense in my house because it smells better than air freshener.

I have not been able to sit in the lotus position since before a man walked on the moon.

I tried the vegetarian approach and it did not work for me (but it might be perfect for you).

I enjoy meditation, and do not do it often enough.

Maybe Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach will help you just get through the day. Maybe you will get rid of your guilt or anger once you understand why you are widowed and what it does to you.

You may get a good night’s sleep for the first time in many moons. You might even (miracle upon miracle) forgive your in-laws for acting like buffoons when their child died, because you will understand the true meaning of forgiveness and you could teach them.

And best of all, you may be able to look in the mirror again, smile at the person looking back, and say out loud “I love you, you sexy, talented, beautiful, happy person” and mean every word.

If any of these are more helpful to you than sitting in the lotus position, then Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach would have achieved its purpose.

When you read Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach , you will discover
• Why you became widowed
• How your physical ailments express your spiritual state
• The difference between emotions and feelings
• How to turn emotions into feelings
• Why things always get worse before they get better
• How to experience gratitude more often.
• Why everyone, including you, does have a purpose in life, and what your purpose is
• How your children act like a mirror to you
• How you can heal your children by healing yourself.
• Why you have those vivid dreams and nightmares.
• Why it is necessary to delay important decisions
• How to get rid of your shadow self.
• Why so many relationships fail for widowed people
• How to find the right partner without any guilt or fear

But don’t just take my word for it. Read below what people are saying about the advance copy of Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach:

“Quite interesting and very true. Much of what you say is quite close to home. Thank you.”
Elizabeth, South Africa

“I was a bit concerned about reading this, but you explain so clearly. I realised my fears were unfounded. You have also answered many of my questions.”
Caroline, UK

“I did not want to do the exercises, but realised how just reading the book already cleared my mind. I am now doing the exercises and discovering my self. This is much better than therapy!”
Alex, USA

Try this book risk-free today!

I want to take this offer one step further.

Own and read Coping with Widowhood – A Spiritual Approach. If you don’t agree that you have received many benefits from reading the book within 90 days, send me an email at support @, confirming that you have deleted the e-book from your system and destroyed your printed copy, and I will refund your money.

You can only lose if you do not explore the contents of the book before making up your mind about it.

Are you ready to discover why you became widowed?
Own your copy of Coping with Widowhood – A Spiritual Approach now!

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Once you have made your payment, you will be returned to the website for the download of the e-book.

If you would like a personal consultation from me to help you get through your trauma of being widowed, an initial consultation will cost you $250 and the full FILE for LIFE® technology process could cost you anywhere from $1 960 to $3200 depending on the amount of work you need to do with my help.

During a full consultation you will focus on your current critical issues, and learn how to deal with similar future issues. However, you will not have material to refer back to – you will be too involved in the process.

On the other hand, if you own the book Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach , you will have the complete process at your finger tips and you can refer to your notes at any time.

Yes, the book will contain your notes, because it is a workbook. You will be able to document your thoughts and progress on a regular basis. Imagine having your own live-in therapist in your study, waiting for your next visit.

Imagine how empowering it will be to monitor your own progress and regain control of your life, step by step. And all this for the cost of one book!

How will you treat yourself with all the money you will be saving on therapy sessions?

Of course, you can choose not to own Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach . You can laboriously work your way around every obstacle, limiting thought and belief, and emotion which keeps you awake at night.

You can pick unsuitable new partners and learn from your experience. That means you do not make an investment in Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach now, but you may invest in other expensive life lessons and learn at your own pace.

Or you can save money and time and heartache by finding your feet again and getting on with your life.

Love and Light to you

PS: If your entire life has been turned upside down by widowhood and you want to explore a practical, factual, spiritual guide to your own inner resources for coping, Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach is the book for you.

PPS: If you don’t quite trust new age or spiritual stuff, Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach will help you decide what makes sense and can help you, and what you would prefer to stay away from.

PPPS: If you want to hear “the inside story” and a holistic view from a down-to-earth psychic rather than theory or dogma or diagnosis, you are in luck – Coping with Widowhood – a Spiritual Approach will explain intangible experiences in a tangible way.

You owe it to yourself to at least explore an option that may just bring you relief, and you are covered by the money-back guarantee. You just can’t lose!

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