Newsflash: The Brown Stuff Happens

20th Mar 2011

Hello Lovely People

Are you living your life according to spiritual principles?  Is your life perfect because of that?

There are loads of books and gurus out there selling to you the secret to eternal happiness and a life of riches.  Of course, if you are in the sad majority (i.e. 99.9% of people on this planet) who experience downs as well as ups, the reason is that you have not followed the rules to achieve constant and amazing success,, and that means you failed.

Can we stop there for a moment?

Can you name just one person who lives a life of say 80 years and NEVER experience any setback or disappointment or disillusionment?

Come on, think harder – there must be someone.

Or is life meant to be a balance between joy and sadness, success and disappointment, health and illness, etc etc?

Why do these gurus create the impression that life is always a bunch of roses, and that when you are scratched by a thorn, it is your fault?

The more I see and experience of life, the more I realize that there is a perfect rhythm of ups and downs in our lives.

So how do we deal with the downs?  How about changing the words we use?  When we experience ups, the implication is that there we will go down, and the other way round.

I would rather prefer to talk about challenges and gratitude.  When I use those words, my life does not necessarily become flawless – if it does, I will check my pulse, because I may be dead and still walking around.

When I talk about challenges and gratitude, the emotional see-saw disappears and my path becomes much more balanced.  When I then hit a challenge, I do much soul-searching, because I know already that my destination is gratitude.  And when I experience gratitude, I know that my next challenge will be bigger, but so will be the opening of my heart in gratitude.

I like to think of that as the pulse of the Universe.  It is also called life.

Love and Light


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How Big Are Your Dreams?

14th Mar 2011

Hello Lovely People

What is the biggest ambition you ever achieved?

Can you remember how good that felt?

Now what if you set a new ambition twice the size of that one?

You will probably achieve 95% of such a big ambition, but think about it.

Which is most?  100% of a little, or 95% of a lot?

Don’t be afraid to dare.

Love and Light


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Are You Afraid of Your Own Creation?

6th Mar 2011

Hello Lovely People

You are probably familiar with the term “self-fulfilling prophecy” – where you convince yourself that something will happen, and lo and behold, it does!  Often people use this way of thinking to voice their fears, and they do not realize that they focus so much on the fear that it has to materialize at some point.

There was the woman who approached her trip to London with trepidation, because she had heard about so many incidents where people got mugged in London.   She wanted to see all the tourist attractions, but she was dead scared of all these muggers that would jump at her on every street corner.  No amount of evidence to the opposite could change her mind.

And guess what?  On the second day of her visit to London she got mugged.  Now did that happen because she was so focused on the muggers, or did it happen because she had some premonition of the incident because it was part of her life script?

Either way, she did not stop for a moment to realize how she created the incident.  She still has no idea that she can use the same process and the same energy to create and make her dreams come true.  She still believes that good things are delivered by God, and bad things are delivered by muggers, and that she does not influence the outcome in any way.

And this raw fear of the unknown can spoil many adventures if we nurture it rather than turn it into anticipation.

On a trip to South Africa I was really looking forward to experiencing the weather – whatever it was at the time would have been a pleasure for me.  I looked forward to the sense of well-being and embracing differences that South Africans are so good at.  When I arrived at the airport that was exactly what I experienced.  I saw the welcome in the eyes of the customs officer, and when I left the airport building I was greeted and welcomed warmly by complete strangers, who then continued their conversation while I stood there waiting for my lift.

A few steps away from me stood an Italian man.  His tailored suit, impeccable hairstyle, olive skin and accent gave him away.  I could also see he was petrified.  He did not have enough eyes to watch the taxi drivers (who found him quietly amusing), the porters who kept their distance while he clung to his baggage, and other passengers who could virtually smell his fear.

This man used his mobile phone to call someone and I heard him say “I don’t know where I am” with fear in his voice.  I walked up to him and told him that he was at International Arrivals outside of terminal 1A.  He repeated that on the phone without even acknowledging me and turned his back on me while he continued his short conversation.  Within about two minutes of him finishing the conversation, a huge black man walked up to him and greeted the man in perfect English.  He was so relieved to be in the care of someone in this wild, savage country that I could only smile at him.

I wondered how many other opportunities this man would pass up to meet new people because of his fear of a country that he had obviously never been to.

We often refer to and even use this self-fulfilling prophecy to prove our fears.  Imagine what we can experience and achieve when we use the same process to create all the experiences that we believe we are not worthy of.

I am off to create some self-fulfilling prophecies . . .

?Love and Light


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