Yes, You Are Going Out Of Your Mind

30th Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

Are you one of the increasing number of people who see things or people that are not there when you look again?  Do you hear things that nobody else hears, including voices in your head that sound like your thoughts but you know that they are not your thoughts?

Do you sometimes feel like your body is transparent, or even that you are separate from your body? Do you have more and more experiences that can only be ascribed to serendipity, and you are wondering about the onset of old age?  Have you recently had vivid dreams full of symbolism that made no sense to you and that even scared you?

If your answer to more than one of these symptoms is yes, then congratulations! The good news is that you are “going out of your mind”.  No, there is no need for a straight-jacket or in fact for any medication at all.  There is only good news.

Another way to describe your experiences is that you are having a spiritual awakening, or you are being “re-born”.  Chances are that the level of vibration of your body has already been adapted, and you are already at a higher level of evolution.  You are only now becoming aware of this.

If you look back over your life and recent experiences, you will probably agree that the awareness of this change has been with you for a long time, but at the same time it happened suddenly.  By now you have a different concept of time, and it is even possible that you have experienced time either being compressed or slowing down to a rate where it all becomes very confusing.  You are getting to understand that time is a man-made concept, but that does not clear up the confusion in your head.

Why am I saying that you are “going out of your mind”?  Let me explain.  We normally spend the first few years of our lives on this planet – easily until after the age of 40 – believing that our brains are in fact our minds.  We are quite happy believing this, and most of us conform to the norms of the environment and culture that we were born into.

But then these “strange” things begin to happen to some people.  It is popularly called a mid-life crisis, and it is ascribed to hormonal changes in the body, but the spiritual awakening has very little to do with hormones.

Hormonal changes and spiritual awakening coincide as much as bacon and egg – it is simply convenient and traditional to associate the two.  Spiritual awakening can happen at any age, and nowadays it is not strange to find people in their twenties having a so-called mid-life crisis.  This is because the composition of their bodies changes at an earlier age, and this allows them to function at a higher vibration.

It is at this point of change that we realize our brains and our minds are two separate entities.  We become aware of subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) nuances in our environments.

We become aware of a different dimension and initially it is confusing and at times downright scary.

Some people refuse to deal with this.  They become more religious than ever, and become quite judgemental of those who follow their hearts and embrace the new awareness.  They live in fear and like to spread fear, because they understand that fear is a means of control which in a twisted way provides the security of being controlled.  Other people get depressed or start to use medication to sleep better.  People develop various forms of physical dis-ease that they can focus on instead.  And other people enjoy making fools of themselves by “not acting their age”, in other words losing their dignity and clearly being confused about who they are.

Of course there is the other choice, which is to explore the changes and the new awareness.  This exploration leads to an understanding that the brain is not the mind.  The brain simply acts as a “radio station” which receives signals from the mind.  During the spiritual awakening the brain starts to receive signals from a different “transmitter” in the mind but outside of the body and brain.

I will write more next time on how to explore your new awareness.

Love and Light


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Breaking Down Boundaries

26th Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

My name is Elsabe.  My grandmother was named Elizabeth, but I was the first grandchild and my parents wanted to be original.  The result?  I have a unique name, there was hell to pay in the family because of the audacity of my parents, and my siblings ended up with strings of family names that they do not use because they are all known by their nicknames.

I think that was an early sign of me breaking down boundaries and surging ahead into unknown territory.  Is it a matter of a fool rushing in where angels fear to tread?  I don’t think so, but then I am biased.

I recently had one of those experiences that would not be more bizarre if you make them up.  I have a British passport, but also still carry my South African passport.  I travelled to South Africa for a short break.  Legislation requires me to use my South African passport when I am in South Africa.  I also need to have my British passport available, because part of the job of airport officials is to ensure people have the correct travel documents for their destinations (like a South African passport with a valid visa or a British passport if you travel from South Africa to the UK).  If they slip up, people are deported back to their place of origin at the expense of the airline.

When arriving in South Africa, I went to an international foreign exchange agency to exchange £60 for South African currency.  This is not a large amount of money, and should not have aroused suspicion.

When asked for my passport, I was not sure which one to use (I normally do the exchange in the UK or use a credit card) and made the mistake of providing both passports.

The clerk looked at my British passport and then asked for proof of residence.  I provided my British driver’s licence which is acceptable throughout the European Union, and in many other countries including South Africa.  But not for this company.

They then looked at my South African passport and demanded a visa that would justify my visit to my country of birth, in addition to two legal passports and a return ticket.  I soon realised that I was getting nowhere, and left without the money.

I went to the next company, provided only my British passport, and got the money within minutes.

These people, as well as my parents, were obliged to enforce boundaries.  It does not matter that the boundaries are artificial and impractical.  The boundaries are there, and in their minds overstepping those boundaries would have dire consequences.

No matter how well educated we are, we grow up in systems and cultures that tell us to obey the rules and face the consequences. As a result we understand from a very young age that we must do as we are told, and that the control is outside of us – with other people that have authority over us.  End of creativity.  End of audacity.  Beginning of lifelong pandering.

Of course people break out.  They use the opportunities that are given to them, and they use their God-given brains and various talents to make the world a better place for themselves and for others.  They become entrepreneurs, artists, inspired achievers in the fields that they are passionate about.  They also often become lonely, because people start to revere them.

The result is a class system, where one class looks up to another and protest about the class differences.  The “upper” class does not necessarily look down on the “lower” class.  However, they know what happens when you accept boundaries without question, and they shy away from anything that would put a damper on their creativity.

Once you have tasted the freedom of breaking rules and expanding your personal territory, amazing opportunities open up for you.  Each opportunity is a test of your ability to conquer fear and each success brings you closer to the self that you were born to be in this world.

And I am not saying do as you please in all circumstances.  We are social beings and we need to be aware of how our behaviour impacts on others.  There is no need for anyone to deliberately hurt other, but there is also no need to blindly obey rules based on the fears of other.

I wonder what those foreign exchange clerks would say when they hear about the three occasions when I was illegally in other countries?  Each time a border policeman helped me on my journey (one accompanied me to safe territory at his own risk, one was bribed to let me in and one pretended not to see me) and I had a wonderful time because I refused to see the obstacles and went for the opportunities.

But that is a story for another day.  Go and find your boundaries and start breaking them down.

Love and Light


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In Search Of Solace

23rd Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

Life is a rollercoaster at the best of times.  When times are good, we feel the elation and fun of being here, and we want to share our joy with the world.  When times are bad, either we do not want to face anyone, or nobody wants to face our misery.

Where do we find our solace and peace during the down times?  And why do we only seek solace during the down times?

I grew up in a culture where we were taught that during the worst of times, we can find solace in the church.  When I hit my first adult crisis, I went to the church and found an empty, cold building.  I went to the people of the church, but they chose to avoid me.  I became an outcast because I was getting a divorce.  I then went to the church minister for the solace that I so desperately needed, but the reception was cold and hostile.

That was not solace.  I kept searching.

I became a psychologist and memorised every theory about changing behaviour and thoughts.   I applied these theories and they worked as long as people really wanted to buy into the constraints of the theories and shared a particular reality.

But then a company that I worked for experienced a low in the economic cycle and could no longer afford my expertise.  I had to find another job.  This is not a big deal in itself, but it took me seven months to find another job.  In my culture this was a definite sign of failure, and as a result I could not share the path with anyone else.  None of the theories worked for me. I needed solace.

At the same time a friend looked at me for help in dealing with a very personal crisis.  None of the theories worked for his situation either and I had to pretend to be strong while I desperately needed solace.  Not from the church, not from knowledge of psychological theories, not from family, not from friends – none of them could provide any for me.

That is when my search for solace started in earnest.  In desperation I did a thing that was regarded as a big sin – I went to see a psychic.  She gave me the hope and courage that I was looking for.  She told me about the job that I would get, and everything turned out as she had predicted.  I was impressed.  I wanted to know more.

I had a glimpse of solace, but the new job and the friend that challenged every paradigm that I grew up with took that away again.  I discovered that it is much easier to lose inner peace than to find it.

It also did not feel quite right for me that I had to pay another person to look into my future and provide solace to me.  What if that person was not available the next time?  What if I went to another psychic and that person gave me a different version of my future?  What peace would that leave me with?  And where did they get the information from anyway?  I wanted to bypass the “middlemen” and go straight to the source.

But where and who and what was the source?  My quest led me to reading about spiritual issues.  I discovered the difference between faith and religion.  I understood why, for me, the whole concept of religion and the external control that went with it was quite disturbing.

As part of my journey I discovered my own psychic abilities.  For many years I helped other people find solace in that I could read their past, present and future, and give them moments of peace.  The peace they got from listening to the messages I conveyed probably was also not lasting, and they probably are also still searching.

However, that journey taught me so much about our inner world.  I discovered that we all share the same inner world, no matter what our challenges in life are.  That inner world is governed by a particular structure and a number of laws that are always the same.

The laws include things like “you cannot pour from an empty jug, and it is your duty to keep your inner jug full” and “there is no bad or good, there are only challenges, and we only get the challenges that we are ready for”.

I learned from the lives of my clients about the spiral.  We begin life at the bottom of a spiral, and through various life experiences, we manage the slow, arduous climb up the spiral.  Eventually we reach the top of the spiral, and life is rosy –we have solace – and we have an inner peace and a tranquillity that is so lovely to experience.

And the life happens again and we think oh no, not again – just when everything is going so well.  We look up and all we see is the long arduous climb up the spiral, and that we have to do it again.  However, we forget to look down and see where we came from and how much we have already achieved.  We do not notice that while we are at the bottom of the new spiral, we are in fact at the top of the previous spiral.  We never slide down.  We just keep climbing, and as we climb up our legs just grow stronger.

Did these insights help me in my journey?  Yes, they did, in the sense that I now understand a process that we all go through in many different ways during our lives.  And no, they did not, in the sense that I can easily tune in to my clients and give them insights into their lives and inner peace, however fleeting, but for a long time I did not get the same insights for myself.  That was quite frustrating, because I wanted to know more about my own future than about the future of my clients.  After all, how much is a gift of being psychic worth if you cannot use it for yourself?

Then I experienced the next eye-opener.  I wanted to know about my own future because I had all kinds of fears about what was waiting for me.  I wanted to know whether I was good enough for what was ahead of me.  Was I equipped for the challenges?  Would there be enough money?  What if this, what if that?

I learned to do with the fear exactly what my clients are always advised by means of their messages – break the fears down in the same way that you built up the fears – brick by brick, illusion by illusion.  Where there is no fear, there is clarity, and instead of being blinded by the fear, I can now be guided by the vision.

Do I still have moments of fear?  You bet.  Do I break them down quickly?  Of course, because my vision is clear.

My journey has also taken me to solutions and methods that I use to help people find moments of balance in their lives rather than look at the future with fear.  I can then help them to understand that we only experience moments of balance, and as long as we are aware of them, we will strive for them.

However, there are ways to speed up these moments and live a more balanced life in general.  We can identify our view of the world and understand how and when this view was shaped.  We can then bring perspective to those crucial moments and find the balance in everything that happens to us.  And there is solace.

Inner peace is not a sanctuary where we go if we want to hide away from a cruel world.  It is rather a moment where we win, having played the world at its own game.  Then we move on to the next level and we aim to win that level as well.  Inner peace is the prize that we work for, and we learn to find more and more moments of inner peace.  We also learn that days of inner peace are not realistic or challenging enough when we have this zest for life.  We accept the fleeting moments of solace with gratitude and we accept the challenges that come our way with gratitude.

We realise that we are in the driver’s seat, and that always provides a moment of bliss along the way.  That is what makes the journey worthwhile.

Love and Light


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Tall Tales And Bible Tales

19th Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

What would you say if I told you that I stopped reading the Bible years ago because it contains too many tales that are beyond belief?

For me the Bible is one of the reference books in my library – one that I stopped regarding as a credible source because it had been rewritten too many times with too many personal and political agendas.  The other reason why I would rather read Harry Potter books is the endless and seemingly mindless violence that to this day is used to intimidate people into believing the contents of the Bible or else bear the consequences like the people in the Bible . . .

For example, Lot and his wife were instructed to leave Sodom and Gomorrah and not to look back.  Then Lot’s wife dared to look back and she turned into a salt pillar that crumbled and left nothing of her.  People don’t normally crumble into nothing just because they are curious.  Surely there had to be some cause.

I grew up with the notion that if you do not follow God’s will (as pronounced by the all-knowing minister or vicar) you are too curious and you will be punished – like Lot’s wife, or like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The real story of Adam and Eve is for another day – fascinating stuff.

I recently discovered material about the Sumerian clay tablets.  These tablets were discovered in the Middle East, and scholars have been transcribing and translating them for about 200 years.  The contents of the tablets not only confirm many of these biblical stories, but also provide the context and background that is not included in the Bible.

When I discovered that Lot’s wife was a victim of radiation, her “crumbling” made more sense.  She and her husband were warned to vacate the area, because the people who instructed them to do so intended to use a form of radiation to obliterate Sodom and Gomorrah for their own reasons.  She went back because she did not understand the reason for the warning, and she was also hit.

It appears that at the time there was a higher civilization present on earth, and they used weapons of war that are now available again to mankind.

Why would people have recorded this information on clay tablets 5 000 years ago?  Did they really have the imagination to conjure up such tales?  It makes more sense to me that they recorded the facts of their daily life and the things that were important to them.

I still don’t believe blindly what is in the Bible, but I do leave open the door to the possibility that those “fairy tales” in the Bible have a logical explanation and that a lot of important information was deliberately left out of the Bible.

I am still reading – and the more I learn, the more I realize that we are mere speckles in the bigger picture of Creation.

Love and Light


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Relationships: Have You Bonded With Your Loved Ones?

16th Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

I am fascinated by all the myths around bonding between people – not only parents and children, but also friends.

One myth is that a mother has difficulty bonding with a baby after a caesarean section.  Another one is that all parents must bond with their children, or they risk being branded as bad parents.

What is this bonding?  For me it is a feeling of “knowing” a person.  You know that the person resonates with you and you want to be in their presence, or you know that the person is bad news for you and you do not want to be in their presence.  This has nothing to do with family ties.  It has everything to do with the energy vibration that we all exude.

I once experienced a feeling of repulsion with a new-born baby for no reason at all.  Over the years that baby turned into an attractive, intelligent young person who has always treated me well, but that did not do anything to dissolve that feeling of me wanting to run away when I am in the presence of that person, despite my best sermons to myself about Loving thy neighbour.

I recently talked to someone who feels a similar sense of repulsion for a young person that I get on fairly well with.  I was not sure which was worse – the disgust for a well-educated, well-groomed but slightly overconfident teenager, or the self-disgust because they could not find a logical reason for their dislike of the person.

There is no rule that says people have to love their children.  It is quite possible to have a child and not like the child, even when they are new-born babies.

Sometimes people can justify their dislike.  For example, my mother was quite disgusted to find herself at the age of 18 with a baby who destroyed all her dreams of achieving something in her life.  Of course she was quite brilliant and had all the opportunity to achieve her dreams at a later age, but she chose to fixate her emotions on me and blame me for being born and destroying her life.

She did not feel the same brooding anger towards my siblings, because in her mind the damage was done when I was conceived, and there was no reason to blame my siblings for the damage that my presence did.

I grew up knowing that my mother did not love me – she did not even like me, despite my best efforts.  She saw all my achievements as a threat to her dwindling dreams, and when I did not achieve she found the proverbial stick to beat me up with for being lazy.  No matter what I did, I could not win and the emotional abuse never stopped.

I was well into my thirties before I realized that nothing I could say, think or do would make her change her mind about me.  By that time she was an alcoholic and drug addict, and every time she went for another unsuccessful treatment, I got the dreaded phone call from the health care professional about my “cruelty” towards my mother – while I just felt incredible sadness and confusion about the situation.

After my mother’s death, I knew I had to make peace with the memory of being unwanted.  The alternative was to label myself as “I am Elsabe and I was an unwanted child”.  Thank goodness I realized that the way she treated me resulted in me finding my worth inside of myself rather than in the approval of others.  It took me years to look at the face in the mirror, and even more years to learn and later love that face and that person.  This is not a narcissistic self-admiration, but rather self-acceptance and getting comfortable in my own skin despite how other people treat me.

When you look at the way waves of different frequencies react when they collide in nature, you will realize that some waves fit together perfectly because they share the same wave-length.  Other waves clash and the result is fragmentation and chaos.

People consist of energy, and we also respond like waves.  With some people you communicate easily because you are “on the same wave-length”.  With other people you clash because you share incompatible frequencies.  The behaviours of people are no different from the behaviour of energy waves in nature, because people consist of energy waves.

The difference with people is that we have agendas for our existence here.  When we clash with people, their agenda is to help us make peace with those parts of ourselves that we disown.  They have this agenda because it is part of the contract that we enter into with various people before we incarnate.

This is what works for me:  when I discover that a person does not resonate with me, I grin and bear it until I am able to put into words what it is that I find repulsive about the person.  Then I do introspection until I am clear in my mind on exactly how and when I display that same repulsive trait.  This does not suddenly mean I discover an unconditional love for the person and we get on well from there onwards.  It does mean that I understand what it is that I need to accept in myself, and that I am reminded of any residue of self-rejection every time I meet with that person.

Whenever I discover and accept another part of that self-disgust that is reflected in the other person, a quantum of light is formed and my own bodily vibration changes to a higher frequency.  Rather than outright rejection, I am then able to display tolerance towards that person.

If life was uncomplicated, we would not have bothered living on this planet.

Love and Light


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In Search of An Imaginary Country

11th Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

I want to give you an example of the damage that can be done when you refuse to acknowledge the world you live in and the worlds of other people.

This is an extreme example, but maybe it will shock a few people into saying “OK, from now on I will listen rather than jump to conclusions.”  I have to tell you that this is a true tale – I heard it from the victim and confirmed the details with her.

A black woman obtained her nursing qualifications in Lesotho, a small, beautiful, mountainous, independent country surrounded by the provinces of South Africa.  She was courageous enough to then want to live and work in England.  She had her qualifications assessed and recognized internationally, and obtained the necessary visa.

With her work ethic and intelligence she was a popular employee.  Every year she returned to Lesotho for her annual holiday, and to spend some time with her fiancé.

One year (this was about 8 years ago) she was returning from Lesotho to London after her annual holiday.  She had a connecting flight in Madrid, where she was detained by security staff because she “had a false passport”.  Of course there was nothing wrong with her passport, but the security staff at the airport had never heard of Lesotho.

Because she was black, they assumed that she was from South Africa.  They had never heard of her country, and the fact that she had South African border stamps in her passport confirmed in their minds that she was a South African citizen travelling with a false passport. They had no idea that the only way to get from Lesotho to a country other than South Africa was to travel through South Africa.

The lady asked for an atlas so that she could show the police where her country was.  They searched their offices, could not find an atlas, and decided that her request was a ruse to get them off the trail of her “deception”.

She asked for legal representation, and they provided a solicitor who could only speak Spanish – and who confirmed that since he also had never heard of Lesotho, such a country could not possibly exist.

The security police then destroyed her passport – which of course contained her work visa – and put her in detention with drug smugglers and people travelling with false documents.

Of course she did not sleep a wink – she was concerned about her own safety and found the situation quite stressful.

The next morning she was deported back to South Africa – of course she was black, and therefore she could only be from South Africa.   She could not possibly have been from any one of the other 51 African countries that have black female citizens.

As part of the deportation process she was escorted last onto the waiting plane – in clear view of all the other passengers who drew their own conclusions about this “criminal”.

In South Africa she was escorted off the plane first – for the “safety” of the other passengers, of course – and into the waiting police vehicle.

The two police officers who were sent to fetch her were born respectively in Lesotho and in the Free State – one of the South African provinces that borders on Lesotho.  She told them her tale and they were astonished at the whole charade.  Their instructions were to provide an armed escort for her to Lesotho, but they used their common sense and suggested that she book herself on a plane from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein, where her relatives could meet her.

Of course this was the end of her holiday, and she had to borrow money from relatives to buy the plane ticket.

Her fiancé met her at the Bloemfontein airport, and took her straight across the border and to the Lesotho Ministry of External Affairs.  The minister himself got involved, because those ignorant Spaniards had destroyed her passport – an official government document.

Meanwhile the lady managed to get a message through to the company in London that had employed her for over three years.  Guess what their response was?  “If she could falsify a passport, she could also falsify her qualifications, and she should not bother to come back.”  I suspect that there are not many atlases available in England either, and they ignored the fact that she was a star employee who could not possibly have faked her knowledge and experience for three years without suspicion.

Getting a new Lesotho passport was the easy part.  Then she had to get her qualifications verified again, and apply to the British consulate for a new copy of her work visa in her new passport.

It took the lady six weeks to get the paperwork sorted so that she could return to her job – which was given back to her after her country’s government got involved to vouch for her.  I wondered how she would have been treated if she was a white African woman.

When was the last time that you said to someone “Your view of the world must be wrong, because it does not fit in with my view of the world”?

Of course not everything you learn in life will resonate with you, but if you open your mind and learn new things, at least you will be in a position where you can decide what you want to accept and why.  Investigating new things and then deciding what to accept and reject is a step higher than rejecting something in principle because you are afraid of being wrong.

Love and Light


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Numerology: How Are Time and Numbers Linked?

6th Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

Here is a puzzle that has kept me awake for a few nights, and the answer is still eluding me.

The kaballah (Jewish Mysticysm) teaches that every letter of the Hebrew alphabet has three values.  For example, Aleph (A) is the first letter of the alphabet.  It also has a numerical value of 1, which reflects unity.  Aleph is also represented by the head of an ox, as a representation of purpose and the generative power of nature.

All the letters of the Hebrew alphabet have these triple meanings, and they capture the essence of our existence here.  These letters have many other meanings, but these three meanings (the alphabet, the numerical value and the symbolic representation) are the most significant ones.

I understand the meaning of the numeric values and the significance of each number.  I have also read a number of other works that explain the meaning of numbers.  A book that I can really recommend is The Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael S Schneider.

He explains how each number has three levels of meaning.

The first level is secular: 1 and 1 = 2.

The second level is symbolic or philosophical: numbers are represented in shapes, such as a circle, triangle, square and so on.  These shapes form their own symbolic language, called geometry.

The third level is sacred: when you understand 1 and 2, you have embedded the meaning unity and division in your consciousness.  Both Plato and Pythagoras wanted all citizens to learn the properties of the first ten numbers as a form of moral instruction – to understand and learn to respect the magnificence of the Universe.  I would agree with that.

The significance of the numbers are also captured in tarot, where the numbers form part of the meaning of each card.  I have a huge respect for tarot as an encyclopaedia of life, and I understand that the meaning of the numbers are part of the Universal language of Life.

That is one side of the puzzle.

The other side of the puzzle is the application as reflected in numerology, specifically related to birth dates and names.  Let’s say my birthday is 3rd August 1978 (a girl can dream – why not?).  I was born at 4.45 in the morning.  In terms of numerology that date and time is significant to predict trends in my life.  Add to that the numeric values of the letters in my name (or even my nickname if I am not known by my name), which also supposedly predicts trends in my life.  There seems to be more than one system for allocating numbers to the letters in the Western alphabet, and the number of letters in the Western alphabet differ from the Hebrew alphabet.

This is the part that I am trying to figure out.  My date of birth is in terms of the Gregorian calendar.  Would my destiny have been different if I applied the Jewish calendar (which is still in use)?  The time of my birth was in South Africa.  Would my destiny have been different if I was born in Russia at the same time (which is in fact in a different time zone and therefore numerically not the same time as in South Africa)?  Time is not a constant – it is what we make of it.

And do the trends in my future and my destiny really change if I change my surname or if I am known by a name other than my birth name?  I know that when I got divorced and reverted back to my maiden name, I felt significantly different – free and back to my true self again.  However, it is possible that my feeling was more the result of my mindset than the result of my name change at the time.  There is no doubt in my mind that changing my name changed my destiny, so maybe there is some truth in that application of numerology?

I may be quite wrong, but for me it feels like using numerology to predict people’s lives and future would be similar to doing personality profiles based on the flowers a person randomly picks in a garden.  The flowers were meant to please the senses, but that basic purpose got lost in an application that turns the fragrance and texture of a rose petal into a diagnostic tool.  As that guy who could not spell said:  ” A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet”.  Why try to change it?  Or why pretend that it is something else?

The more I know, the more I realize how little I know.  There is much truth in numbers, but I still have to learn much about the application of numbers and the nature of time.

Love and Light


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Love Your Neighbour

4th Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

I have lovely neighbours.  They will probably not read this, because they know very little of what I do, and we do not visit each other’s homes.  But we do look out for one another.

We meet and chat in the street, we keep each other informed of our movements and absences, and we share hard times and good news – like shovelling snow and protecting our cars against accidents in winter, the baby that arrived recently, the new conservatory, the kids’ karate class and the baby that is overdue.

Once, when my one neighbour had the flu and was really feeling sorry for herself, I took her some flowers and meals to heat up.  When an unknown car was blocking our way, we asked around and eventually found the culprit.  On another occasion other neighbours chased people away from my car, because they see who visits me and they knew that these people did not belong there.  And I look out for their children and wave a crooked finger at cars driving too fast around the corner in a quiet street.

On another occasion I had a hectic day, and rushed home to grab something before rushing off to another appointment.  About three hours later a neighbour called to say that she saw my front door open and the key in the door, and she noticed that my car was not there.  She had locked my door and was calling to tell me to come and get my key when I get home.  How cool is that?

Why do I tell you about these good people?  OK, I am not a Christian, but one of the commandments in the Bible that makes sense to me is “love your neighbour”.  And to me that does not only mean the lovely people in my street – it also means the people that I deal with every day, including my clients and my friends.

What exactly does loving your neighbour mean?  Does it mean getting on with everyone around you at all times?  Of course not – that would not be realistic.  To me it means accepting the challenges that they present, because these were placed perfectly to provide challenges to me and help me grow.  They have different backgrounds and habits.  They think in ways that may feel or sound strange to me.  They are there to broaden my horizons and to teach me valuable lessons.

Having grown up in a society where there are still pockets of strong artificial boundaries between people, I clarified for myself at an early age that my neighbour is everybody that I come into contact with, not only those people that share my skin colour.

On a more intimate level, loving my neighbour also means loving my body.  I am not my body.  My body is a container of my essence – my spirit.  When you get into a car, you do not become the car.  You become a passenger in a separate entity, namely the car.  In the same way, when you are originally conceived, your body is formed around your spirit.  Abusing your body in any way would be like being abusive to your next door neighbours.

Loving my body means appreciating my body, just like I appreciate my lovely neighbours.  This means watching what and how much I eat and drink, and getting regular exercise.

Do you love your neighbour?

Love and Light


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What We Can Expect In 2011

1st Jan 2011

Hello Lovely People

Here are my predictions for 2011:

There will be another dip in the economy, and then the financial outlook will increase towards the latter half of the year.  This increase will continue in the next three years.  A significant and viable alternative to traditional banking will gain favour like a wildfire towards the end of 2011 and put some of the world’s largest banks out of business within two years.

There will be a tsunami that will permanently change the landscape in Europe – specifically the UK, France, Portugal and Spain.

There will be two volcanic eruptions.  One will have a minor impact on the airline industry, but not nearly as serious as the one in 2010.  The second one will not have any impact on the airline industry, because it will happen in a remote area away from air routes.  However, the gases from this volcanic outburst will cause a number of deaths and crop failures, and that will have a significant impact on the world economy.

There will be significant changes in the governments of both the US and the UK, and these changes will have ripple effects on the political situations in all their neighbouring countries.  The change in the UK government willbe prompted by a natural disaster that will not be managed well at all by the current government.  The change in the US government will be prompted by the death of a very influential politician, and this death will reveal secret activities that have been escalating for about 15 years.  This has to do with greed rather than conspiracy.

A massive scandal will result in the demise of a significant section of the Christian church and much confusion among its followers, because they will want to continue to follow and there will be a number of contenders for the position of leadership that becomes available.  Many people will be left disillusioned with religion, even more so when a financial scam that relates to another religion (not Christian) makes headlines.

There will be a much stronger awareness of growing telepathic abilities, and there will be new technology that will enhance these telepathic abilities and impact positively on people’s health.  This will counteract a disaster in the pharmaceutical industry where people will die in masses from untested drugs that will be marketed illegally.

Love and Light


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