A Calendar Ends

26th Apr 2010

Hello lovely people

Recently I went on holiday and fell in love with the Greek Islands. It was one of the best holidays I ever had, until it was time to go home.

The last leg of my return journey was summarily cancelled as a result of the fallout of volcanic ash from Iceland. This is where everything became surreal – as if it was a dream that I was living.

Thankfully my experience was an interesting dream rather than a nightmare.

But first some background on what is happening to the world.

People are talking about 21st December 2012 being the end of the world. There are more and more books appearing on the topic, and everything seems to be getting more and more confusing.

Here is my version of the changes that we are experiencing:

Much of the fuss about 21st December 2012 relates to a Maya calendar that ends on that date. The Mayans were an ancient civilisation that lived in what is today known as Mexico and Central America. They were a highly evolved society at the time.

The Mayans believed that time binds the various dimensions of the Universe together. They used several calendars to explain the ties between the planets and our earthly existence.

The Mayans also believed that time

  • Can be measured
  • Does not stand still
  • Flows away from the past into the future
  • Is circular and cyclical
  • Is expressed by events that are repeated in different cycles.

The Mayans used three different calendars. The most significant one for the purposes of this article is the Long Count Calendar. This calendar was used to record past events and predict future events. It completes a cycle of more or less 5 125 years. This calendar ends on 21st December 2012.

Some doomsday preachers believe that the reason the calendar ends on that date and there is no new calendar to replace this one, is that the world will come to an end on that day.

Is it time to prepare for the apocalypse from Revelations? Wait for the next instalment.

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Love and Light


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