Want to Prove the Law of Attraction? Focus on What You Do Not Want

29th Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

So, South Africa is getting a new president, and it is probably the man that half of the country wants, while the other half of the country does not want him.

The criticism of this man has been as loud as the support for him.  And both the support and the criticism ensured that enough energy was generated for his party to win, and probably for him to become president.

There have been lots of publicity covering the wishes of the followers of Mr Zuma, and also a group on the social website Facebook that wanted to get a million signatures against Mr Zuma.

How did this happen?

The Law of Attraction states that we must focus clearly on what we require, and then be willing and ready to receive.  Once we meet all of these requirements, our wishes materialise because all the energy is used to attract to us exactly what we wanted.

And if most people in a country focus on a single person, then that person receives all that energy and grows stronger all the time.

Should the group on Facebook have been the counterpart of the followers of Mr Zuma to create balance?  No.

The Universe does not judge.  People judge.  People spoke about and thought of Mr Zuma for months.  Some people did this in a positive sense and added their positive judgement.  Other people spoke of and thought of Mr Zuma in a negative sense, and added their negative judgement.  The Universe does not respond to the positive and negative judgements.  The Universe focuses energy on Mr Zuma, and that is where his strength lies.

The same is now happening with the swine flu that originated in Mexico.  There is already talk of a pandemic in the UK, and according to the media, in the past two days the number of patients with swine flu has “more than doubled” – that is from two to five individuals out of a population of about 61 million people.

There is talk in the House of Commons about massive preventative measures to keep the swine flu virus at bay, but no talk about people being and remaining healthy.  Guess what the effect will be?

What is the solution to these issues?

It is so simple.  When you are faced with an unwanted person or situation, identify what it is that you want, and focus on getting what you want.  Do not spare any thought for what you do not want.  Remember that the Universe gives us exactly what we want, and does not even hear the judgement that we express.

What would be the best countermeasure for swine flu?  An action group that focuses on excellent health, and that sends thoughts of excellent health into the Universe every day.

What would be the way to get the president that you want selected in a country?  An action group that provides unconditional support for the person that you want selected.

In these instances, face masks and court cases are excellent ways to focus on what you do not want, and to then get exactly what you do not want.  Of course that provides something else – more to complain about, and more negativity to focus on.

Now you can understand why I go out of my way to not watch the news and get sucked into the mass hypnosis and propaganda that becomes most people’s reality.

And that does not mean that I focus on not watching the news.  I focus on creating slowly, step by step in more and more detail, on what I want for myself.  That is a far more valuable way to spend my energy.

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Love and Light

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Erasing the recession

27th Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

I was listening to the news on the radio recently and again realised how the media is used for mass hypnosis.

The broadcaster announced quite convincingly that “the economy has shrunk with another 1.9%” and then went on to embroider on the consequences of this.

I have often wondered about the nature of this so-called recession, the “shrinking economy” and the “credit crunch”.  As far as I am concerned none of these concepts are real and people respond to them because they are presented as being real.

We know already that we create our own realities.  We simply think certain thoughts, and the more we think them, the more real they become, until they materialise and prove us right.  But we were “right” in the first place, because we created the thoughts.

There are too many people in this world that do not believe that we create our own reality.  They prefer to refer to the “authority” of the media and they simply accept what is fed to them.  This then becomes their reality and that is what materialises for them.

Let us look at this situation from a different point of view.

Imagine that the earth is one massive, live, pulsing being.  Imagine that this earth has a heartbeat that goes faster and slower at different times.  This is because of the flow of energy on earth and between the earth and other bodies such as the moon and other planets.  Of course low and high tide and the phases of the moon prove this ebb and flow of energy.

The same energy impacts on everything we experience on this earth.  We feel the energy all the time.  Because not too many people are fully aware of the energy and can recognise it for what it is, people tend to find other, more familiar ways of expressing what they feel.

For example, when you are in a sealed room where there is no flow of oxygen, you will probably say that the room feels stuffy, because that is what you will experience.  You will not necessarily say that there is no flow of oxygen, unless you are aware of the requirement for the flow of oxygen and the fact that this flow is not happening.

There is a contraction of the energy on the earth, which will naturally be followed by an expansion.  This has been happening for longer than man can remember.

People are aware of the contraction, and it is causing them discomfort.  They are not necessarily aware of the reason for their discomfort.  Therefore they find ways of expressing this discomfort in a one-dimensional way that they can understand, namely by saying that they experience less abundance.

One person became aware of this contraction and expressed it as less abundance.  Another person then received the same awareness and chose to agree with the first person rather than trust their intuition to get a different expression of what they feel.  This gained momentum and the result is a mass awareness of the contraction of energy.

Sadly the result is also a mass belief in a lack of abundance, and the result is less abundance.

It is as if one person chose to use an eraser to remove a part of their reality, and everyone else around them then also grabbed for their erasers and removed parts of their reality as well, because people tend to strive for uniformity.

Of course the media is having a field day with nonsensical statements such as “the economy has shrunk by 1.9%”.  People that prefer to be spoon-fed, hear this and believe that some monster that they cannot see is now smaller.  As a result they compensate by growing their fear, because there must be balance in the Universe.  This result is that people expect to have less money in the bank, and to lose their jobs.

And guess what?  What we say becomes.  People suddenly experience less money in the bank and they lose their jobs.  And they turn around and say “I told you so – the economy has shrunk”.

We are slowly being made more aware of the Universe that we are part of, and the result of the awareness is that most people allow their minds to be taken over by those that know how to change people’s realities.

Of course the other option is to accept the increased awareness of how we create our own reality, and then to focus on creating that new reality for ourselves, despite the “shrinking economy”, “recession” and “credit crunch”.

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Love and Light

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Do It My Way Or Not At All –Is That Religious Tolerance? 2

23rd Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

The Catholic school allowed a Muslim child into the school.  The school then expected the child and its family to fit in with the school and the rules with very little consideration for the inevitable cultural clashes, especially with the child’s family who did not need to obey the school rules.  Surely it would be far more reasonable for the school authorities to assume that the woman is an adult with the right to freedom of expression, and that it would be reasonable to expect the child, but not the parents, to obey school rules.  The head mistress apparently also insisted on applying the rule of no full-face veils to one person in case a number of women wearing full-face veils simultaneously arrive at the school.  Talk about creating a mountain out of a mole hill!

The Muslim woman sent her child to a Catholic school.  As an adult she surely knew that there would be a huge potential for cultural and religious conflict by doing so.  Should she have been far more willing to compromise so that she would make life easier for her child and for herself?  She had the option of wearing a hijab or head scarf, but chose to create conflict.

From what I can gather wearing the niqab as opposed to the hijab is a matter of personal choice.  Surely it would not be asking too much to change this personal choice for a limited period of time simply to support another choice that she had already made, namely to send her child to a school that supports a different culture and different religious practices.

It seems to me that both parties insist that the other bend to their will.  Do they both want to achieve the objective of showing their Love of God by excluding other expressions of this Love? Is that religious tolerance?  Is that Love of a fellow human being?  Is that common sense and good judgement?

My personal view is that my every thought, word and action is an expression of my communication with God.  For me, faith is not only expressed in what I wear or in the man-made rules that I choose to follow or in how I spend parts of a Sunday.  My faith is expressed in my dreams at night and in my thoughts during the day.  My faith is expressed in the clothes I wear as well as in my naked body, which only represents the container for my soul.

My faith is also expressed in observing but not judging how others express their faith.  In this case both the school authorities and the Muslim woman have particular lessons to learn from the incident.  I also have a lesson to learn from both sides, namely that the way people judge one another without Love is often much harsher than any judgement God would express.

I am sending Love to both parties and wish them clarity in resolving this conflict.

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Love and Light

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Do It My Way Or Not At All –Is That Religious Tolerance? 1

20th Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

There are times when I feel like laughing about the growing religious intolerance in the UK, but this is too serious a matter to laugh about.  If you think that there is no religious intolerance in this part of the world, just read the newspapers.

The latest incident is about a Muslim woman who was not allowed to attend a parent’s evening at her son’s Catholic school because she was wearing a full-face niqab veil.

The school rules required the removal of crash helmets, hoodies and full-face veils.  The initial rule was amended to include full-face veils, because the school was aware that the woman was a parent and they wanted to prevent incidents such as these after the first incident two years ago with the same woman.

The woman was aware of the amended rule but decided to wear a full-face veil anyway.

Who was right and who was wrong here?  Let us take a step back and ask different questions.

What did the woman want to achieve by wearing the full-face veil when she knew that the school would object?  On the surface she wanted to simply discuss the progress of her child with the teachers, and it should not have mattered how she was dressed when this was her objective.

However, at the same time the woman probably wanted people to notice her veil and the flaunting of the school rules.  For what purpose?  Because she believed that wearing a full-face veil was an expression of her dedication?  Because she wanted to confirm that there is freedom of religion and freedom of self-expression, or because she wanted to challenge the lack of freedom in that particular environment?   Or maybe because her aim was simply to get people to respect her beliefs rather than challenge them?

Let us look at the other side of the situation.  Why did the school insist on people showing their faces?  If they were concerned about a security threat, surely a solution would have been to allow people to show their faces, give them security clearance and then give them access to the areas that they needed to visit?  Was the aim of the school authorities also to get people to respect their beliefs rather than challenge them?

Either way, it is quite possible that both sides wanted to get their way at all costs, and of course conflict would be inevitable.

If it is so important for these parties to preserve their own identities, then both parties are equally guilty in this situation.

To be continued.

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Love and Light

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I Have Lost my Job. What Do I Do? 3

16th Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

By the time the third redundancy happened, I was sure of the pattern.  I felt gratitude towards the people that were involved in the process, because I realised that they were helping me to move into a direction that I would not necessarily have chosen for myself, but that was perfect in a way that would be revealed to me in time.  I was right.

I realised that redundancy is an incredible life change that happens with the assistance of people that I have contracted with.  The people that make decisions about whom to make redundant and who to retain often have no idea of the magnificence of their actions and the impact that they have on people’s lives.  They often make these decisions about redundancy with a large dollop of self-preservation and do their best to justify their actions in ways that are seldom logical.

Did you notice that there is now a recession and so many people are made redundant?  How is it that the recession and redundancies happen at the same time that people are becoming much more aware of an inflow of a new and positive energy into the world?

This is a time of massive change.  This is a time of experiencing new energies and new opportunities that open up a different spiritual dimension to all of us.

The media love to blow up fear, negativity and blame.  When I hear about people being made redundant, I feel like laughing with relief on their behalf.  I want to tell them that it is the best experience that they could have wished for themselves.  I want to urge them to go back to the decision makers and thank those people for opening up new horizons that they would not have been aware of had they not been made redundant.

I have been incredibly blessed in that I recognised redundancy as a reason for celebration.  I believe that this knowledge and awareness has opened up opportunities for me that can only be described as miracles.

I have for many years felt that I wanted to go back to the various people that took decisions that could only be described as illogical and irrational, and that resulted in my redundancy.  I now understand the significance of their roles in my life, and that without them my life would have been much different, and definitely not for the better.

If you have been made redundant recently, I would advise you to take it personally.  See it as an opportunity to figure out what direction your life is taking, and grab every opportunity that comes your way, and do it with joy in your heart.  Ensure that you remember the names of all of the people that have had any say in the decision to make you redundant.  Soon you will want to find them again and thank them sincerely for steering your life in a direction that takes your breath away.

Oh, and remember to relax and keep breathing.

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Love and Light

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I Have Lost my Job. What Do I Do? 2

10th Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

I also realised that a magical door was being opened for me.  I had the opportunity to move to another country and start a new and exciting career.  I did this intuitively and against all the odds, and loved every minute of it.

As soon as I had settled down, the company that employed me changed their strategy.  Guess what? I was made redundant again.  This time round the company went out of their way to accommodate me.  They were surprised that I regarded the whole process of redundancy as an exciting adventure.  My attitude made the whole experience easier for everyone.

I had 28 days to either find a new sponsor for my work permit or return to my own country.  On day 26 I started work with the new sponsor – and did even better than I could ever imagine career-wise.

These experiences have taught me various things.  The most important lesson was that I am always taken care of.  I will never be short of anything, because I am never alone.  My angels and spirit guides and of course God always look after me.  They helped me to turn crisis into opportunity.  They helped me to see the bigger picture, which made me excited about these changes.

If I was not made redundant by these companies I would have overstayed my welcome and become a boring, bored, complaining, frustrated employee with no awareness of the bigger picture.  I would have missed astonishing opportunities that came my way as a direct result of those redundancies.  My life went from ordinary to extraordinary.  I have so much gratitude for the experiences that I have had over the past years.

With the first redundancy and the shock of not being able to find another job easily, I experienced many negative emotions about the people that engineered that redundancy.  I took it all very personally in the sense that I felt their actions were very unfair and vindictive.  Of course that was exactly how they meant it.  They did not understand that they were being used as pawns in a game that was too complicated for them to understand.

As a result of my first experience of redundancy, I was able to see that the second redundancy (and the first one in hindsight) was meant personally in a different way.  By then I had realised that it was all part of the dance of my life, that the music was changing, and it was time for me to learn new steps and move on.

I understood that redundancy does not just “happen”.  The entire experience was part of my life plan – the blueprint of my life that I had planned before I came into this world.  I realised that every person involved in the process had a specific role to play.  I was able to see the pattern, even though the other players were not aware of the pattern at all.

To be continued.

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Love and Light

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I have lost my job. What do I do? 1

6th Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

Step 1: Breathe deeply and relax. Count your blessings.
Step 2: Do not take it personally, but take it very personally.
Step 3: Celebrate the next cycle of your life

I can hear you saying “There are bills to be paid.   There is an ego that needs massaging.  How will I cope until I can find another job during a time of recession?  And she says I should relax and celebrate?”

Yes, I am serious about my advice, which comes from first-hand experience.

Many years ago I worked for a company.  I was not a good match for them because I had skills that were superior to the skills of others in the company.  I did an excellent job, but the frustration of having to negotiate around the limitations that were imposed on me was difficult to manage.  I was made redundant.  On paper the company put forward a convincing argument about staff reductions.  Because I was new to the company, I was top of the list.  Everyone knew that this was an unfair decision.  I was not in a position of power and had to accept the decision.

At the time I had four degrees and years of excellent experience.  I was used to going for interviews and being offered a job because I was inevitably the best candidate.  Imagine my surprise when I went for nearly fifty interviews without a single job offer.  The even bigger surprise was that I earned more money from short-term work during those few months of “unemployment” than from a salary while being employed.  I was well taken care of financially.  I slowly realised that there was much more to the situation than met the eye.

I was right.  My next job opened doors to an international career.  I was put in charge of a project that was ground-breaking in the company and the industry at the time.  I had no qualifying previous experience.   There was no logical reason to give me the responsibility.  I learned much from it and gained skills that I would otherwise not even have considered exploring.  The implementation was completed in time and on budget, and everyone was quite satisfied with the outcome.  Guess what my reward was:  redundancy, because there was no similar project for me to move on to.

This time round I already knew that I would be taken care of.   The company broke every law in the book while making me redundant.   Somehow it was as if they could not stop themselves.  During the day I threatened them with legal action because they were breaking the law, and they offered me more money to pacify me and convince me to leave.  At night I relaxed, had a good laugh about all the posturing at work and planned my next steps, with no concern in the world.  It was wonderful to be able to detach myself from the situation and become an observer.  I received confirmation of my intuition daily and found it so enriching.

To be continued.

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Love and Light

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Are people allowed to pray for others in the UK? 2

2nd Apr 2009

Hello lovely people

As a result prayer has for many people become something that is placed in a little box, only to be opened in specific company and at specific times.

When I talk about meditation, people who believe in prayer often turn away, because they would not want to associate with anything to do with meditation.  In my view and experience, meditation is simply an intensified form of prayer which does not replace the prayer that we are involved in 24 hours per day.

Assuming that prayer is actually every thought and word and action, both the receptionist and nurse could have offered their prayers and asked for prayers form others simply by thinking, and by not even opening their mouths.  The effect would have been immediate and powerful, like any other action that is based on pure Love.

Religion and religious education have taught people to think and believe in one dimension, and to not even try to understand anything that happens under the surface.  The people that have to investigate these incidents probably believe that their actions, whether it is disciplinary action or dismissing their colleagues, is the only action that is taking place.  They are probably oblivious of the effect of additional prayers that have been uttered as a result of their actions.

The other issue is the intolerance of all parties in these two cases.  Those that believe in formal prayer believe that they are right, and those that object to formal prayer believe that they are right.

What if both sides are right?  What if these incidents happen so that they can teach all of us that it is not for us to judge?

For me the lesson is that we often are completely unaware of our actions and the consequences of our actions.  We look at what we can see and hear externally, and we completely miss the point, namely that the other 99% of what happens in and around us is not visible to the naked eye or audible to the physical ear.  We forget that everything, including this article, is a form of prayer.  If we can accept that prayer is everything at all times, we will probably be a lot more aware of what we think, say and do, and send better energy into the world rather than wait for the world to treat us better.

If we are more aware of our own actions and the consequences of our actions at all times, not only on Sundays while in church, we will ask ourselves what on earth we achieve by scolding a five-year-old for simply repeating what is told to her, or for reporting someone to some figure of authority for thinking kind thoughts about us (because that is what a healing prayer is) or for asking friends for a prayer of assistance (or kind thoughts).

Actions such as those that were taken in these two cases only reflect the lack of awareness of spirituality in this world, and the level of control that people assume to have over the thoughts of others, when in fact they have no control at all – not even over their own thoughts, because they do not have the awareness that their thoughts and actions are their own.

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Love and Light

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