The spiritual purpose of telling lies

27th Feb 2008

Whoa, you say. How can lying ever serve a purpose when you are a spiritual person? Surely it is better for all involved to always tell the truth?

Right now two people are prominent in my life because of lies they told to me. I am not judging them or saying I have never told a lie. I am simply recognising a truth here that I have not been aware of, namely that there are times when lies serve a spiritual purpose.

One person was my best friend during my final years in school. After school we both married young and stayed in touch, but the longer we both were married, the more our emotional closeness became watered down. We were both aware of it, but we never discussed it.

Then one day she deliberately told me a few lies. I was shocked and hurt, and did not understand why she went out of her way to destroy our friendship.

We went our separate ways and lost contact for fifteen years. Recently a string of co-incidences resulted in our paths crossing again. It so happened that I contacted her the day after her ex-husband had died.

It was like finding a comfortable cardigan again that had been mislaid for many years. In a few sentences she explained that she had to break off contact with me and all her loved ones, including her family, in a misguided attempt to please her husband and salvage her marriage. By the time she realised that her marriage was doomed anyway, she no longer had the contact details of people that would have been able and willing to support her.

I understand now that at the time I was also not ready to provide her with the support she needed.

All these years her lies and the loss of our friendship have bothered me, and I admit that I blamed her for it. I had no idea that us being separated was part of my path as well as of her path, and that this was part of the Bigger Plan. I thank God and the angels for this insight and for having my friend back.

At the moment a relative also features strongly in my life because of lies. This person has been telling lies and been dishonest in her marriage and living an illusion by fooling and lying to and cheating family and friends for many years.

As the saying goes, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

The lies of this relative have now reached a point of desperation, where she is resorting to emotionally blackmailing her children and the small group of family member and friends that still have contact with her.

Of course the easiest thing is to judge her and to get irritated about her not growing up and facing reality.

But what if all her lies serve a purpose for her as well? What if they are part of her life path, which is different from mine? What if each one of us that get fed up with her dishonesty, play a significant role in helping her to learn a valuable lesson in her life? Then surely we should simply hold up our versions of the truth each time it differs from her version of the truth, and in that way help her to learn her lesson so that she can move on to a smoother path?

I have realised that lies are simply a truth that is not mine, and it is not for me to judge the actions and motives of another person when they live a different truth.

Lies are a part of the life path of each of us. If you disagree, think of the last time you lied or bent the truth to achieve a purpose. We can judge others for lying to us, or we can take responsibility for every time we present our own truth, and understand that we determine our own life paths.

God loves us all, and that is not a lie.

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Love and Light

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The circles of emotions

25th Feb 2008

Hello lovely people 

What is the emotion you feel right now?  Is it excitement or apathy?  Love or jealousy?  Gratitude or desire?

No matter what your current emotion is, it is e-motion, or energy in motion.

Assume for a moment that we are all energy.  We are indestructible, because energy is indestructible.  We can change shape, because we are energy.

Whenever we feel any emotion, our bodies respond.  Even when the emotion is weak, there is some physical response that can be perceived and measured scientifically.  That is energy in motion.

Now imagine that you feel a strong emotion like love for your partner.  Your body reflects that, right?  And your partner responds to a particular look in your eyes or your posture, and you perceive the change in your partner’s body, and you know you are loved.

But what if you are not in the same room?  How do you know your partner loves you?  Do you just know?  Or do you know from past experience and nothing has changed?  Or is there something else?

There is more to it.

You are part of an environment, and in fact part of this entire earth.

Imagine yourself feeling a strong emotion, such as love for someone.  That emotion is energy in motion.  The emotion emanates from you in ever-widening circles.

Surely this must impact on people around you?

Let us compare the emotion we feel to a small stone that is dropped into a pool of water.  You can see with your eyes the concentric circles on the surface of the water.  The same concentric circles follow the stone right down to the bottom of the pool.  And the circles on the surface form right to the edge of the pool as well, even though they are so faint that we can no longer see then with the naked eye.

That is how we feel emotion from other people even when they are not in the same room.  That is how we know that our partners still love us, even when they are not with us.  That is also how we know that somebody is in distress and need our help, even before they have contacted us.

The scary bit is that this holds for all emotion, including stuff like jealousy, resentment, hatred, and the list goes on.

Do you get the picture?  When I feel jealous of someone, I put energy with a particular vibration in motion.  That vibration interferes with the love vibration of my body.  It also emanates from me and impacts on the world around me, much farther than my eyes can see.

The person that I am jealous of will eventually become aware of this, first at a sub-conscious level, and then consciously.  I cannot stop that from happening, because I cannot control the direction of the concentric circles of my e-motion.

My jealousy impacts mostly on me (because I am the source of the e-motion), but also on the person that I am targeting it at, and on every other innocent person that happens to be between me and my target, even if they are not in the room with me or involved with me.

We all want world peace, right?  The only way we will get that is to choose to live emotions that contribute to world peace.

Compared to the size of the earth and the number of people on this earth, we are small, and we may think of ourselves and our contributions as insignificant.

But remember what happens when you throw a small stone on a large pond.  The stone causes ripples every time without exception, and those ripples change the nature of the pond every time without exception.

If we can all take responsibility for our e-motions and live Love, we are one gigantic step closer to world peace.

Love and Light


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Shedding a new skin

21st Feb 2008

Hello lovely people

I want to tell you about my recent experience with major changes in my life. This is all my own interpretation, but it might help you see similar patterns in your own life.

Numerology tells us that we go through cycles that last approximately seven years.  The more we are aware of these cycles, the better we can learn from them and the richer our lives become.

I have just completed a major cycle in my life – the 7 times 7 cycle.  To me this means that everything in my life has over the past six months been turned upside down in a way that makes my jaw drop – but that is a story for another day.

What I am aware of is that I am seriously entering a new phase in my life – a far more challenging one than I have ever experienced, and it is so exciting.  That is what my heart and mind says, but there is evidence to the contrary in my body.  Let me explain.

In my experience each new life phase conquers more fear and expands my awareness massively.  With every change I become more aware of the power of the prayer of Jabez.  This prayer is in the Bible in 1 Chronicles 4:10 and reads as follows: “Oh that thou wouldst bless me and enlarge my border, and that thy hand might be with me, and that thou wouldst keep me from harm harm so that it might not hurt me”.  Each life change enlarges my border in the sense that more false illusions are broken down and more blessings come my way.  Read The Prayer of Jabez for a very insightful explanation of the prayer.

I regularly deal with clients that are going through these big life changes, and in the readings that I do the changes are often described as shedding a new skin.  It conjures up the picture of us leaving an old, dry skin behind, but this only happens at the right time when the new skin is in place.  The new skin is soft and beautiful like a new baby skin, and something to treasure and enjoy.  The process of moving from one skin or phase to the new one of course leaves us vulnerable and sometimes feeling alone on our spiritual journeys, because we often forget that we have been in this space before.

Because I have started to recognise the pattern and my awareness has grown over the years, it has become easier for me to recognise the new cycle.  Of course when you know you are at the bottom of a foothill, you forget to look back at the part of the mountain you have conquered, and only see the series of foothills ahead of you.  It then becomes so easy to resist and to say this is too much for me, I cannot do this, I want to have a break and so on. 

That is what happened to me.  My mind and heart know that there are exciting times ahead, but my body decided to resist.  Of course our bodies simply express the state of our souls – like a barometer, and I had fears that I did not want to acknowledge to myself.

I am normally in very good health and have never been allergic to anything in my life.  Imagine my surprise when recently I woke up one morning, covered in dark red spots, literally from head to toe.  My first thought was that I had picked up some contagious disease and I was at the doctor’s surgery before opening time.

The diagnosis was an allergic reaction that attacked all the hair follicles on my body and caused inflammation in every single one of them.  It took about a week for the red spots to turn into – you guessed it – baby pink spots, and then another two weeks before they disappeared.

For the next three weeks my skin was as dry as – yes -  a snake skin.  By the time the tiny scabs came off, I was still puzzled as to why this had happened.

Then I had a dream about leaving my body and not liking the experience at all.  I found this quite strange for various reasons.  Firstly I had left my body on various occasions before, but this always happened when I was awake. On each occasion I can remember leaving and returning, but I cannot re-member what happened while I was out of my body.  After each experience I could identify a distinct difference in the way my mediumship progressed, and the effect has always been a pleasant surprise.  Dreaming about the experience of leaving my body was unusual for me.

The second reason why I found this dream strange was that in the dream I did not like being out of my body at all.  Even though I cannot re-member what I experience while I am away, I know it is always pleasant and something to look forward to.

Then suddenly I realised what it was about.  I have been resisting the changes, and the allergic reaction was in its own way a message from my body to me that I was “shedding my skin” as part of the new cycle that I have been entering.    The message is now quite clear:  I can resist the changes in my life, but they will happen anyway because they are part of my Path.  I need to let go of any fears that I have, because I know that those fears are only illusions.  I have learnt to trust my inner compass, and there is no reason under the sun why it would fail me this time.

And guess what?  I have not made any changes in my diet, and the allergy is mostly gone.  And in terms of the changes in my life, I am white-water rafting and screaming at the top of my voice, because I enjoy the ride and not because I am afraid.
Love and Light


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19th Feb 2008

What is forgiveness?  Why do we need to practice it?  What benefit do we get from forgiving others?

This is an interesting question.  The underlying assumption is that someone else did something wrong, and we have the power to set it right by forgiving that person.  In other words, we can judge the actions or intentions of someone else, just like God can do, because we are just like God.

Except that we assume God’s role is to judge us.  What if God is too busy loving us?  What if judging others is one of the first things God asked us to stay away from?

The very first commandment in the Bible is that we should not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  That means we should not be tempted to decide that is right or wrong.

But, you say, we cannot have an orderly world and community without defining right and wrong? 

My question is:  why does right and wrong need to be defined for us?  We are all images of God.  God is Love, nothing else.  Therefore we are Love.  Surely then, anything we think, say and do are also pure, from God, and full of Love?

But we deny our own purity and Love, and we add judgement.  That is where the trouble starts.  No two people will define right and wrong in the same way.  What is wrong for me is right for someone else, and that is a good enough reason to eat from the forbidden fruit of judging others and ourselves.

Funny that judgement, the original forbidden fruit, is the basis of most organised religions?  If we are not part of a particular religious organisation, it is assumed by default that we are “against” them.  Judgement is also the basis of most of our relationships, and of society in general.

And because we are so addicted to judgement and judging one another, we had to invent a counterbalance, namely forgiveness.

If we take the judgement out of our lives and just love ourselves, and love others as we love ourselves, there will be no need for forgiveness.

We will not struggle to forgive friends for what they do to us, or to understand how people can make such wrong decisions, or even why the world is in the state it is today.

All we need to do is find God’s Love inside of ourselves, and live that Love.  First of all live that Love by understanding that each one of us is reflections of God’s Love, and by loving ourselves for who we are.

Then live that Love by loving every person that we have contact with, and see them as part of God’s perfection, just as we are, no matter how different from ourselves they are.

When we have Love, there is no need for judgement, and therefore there is no need for forgiveness.  There is balance, and ultimately there is Love.

 Love and Light


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Extract from Red

19th Feb 2008

The vision from the night before flashed through his mind again – her in a white dress with a red flower in her hair.  She was happy, dancing, laughing.  But not with him.  She had forgotten about him.  She was looking at the other one.  And she looked so happy.

Then she saw him. Shock played on her face.  But it was more than that.  It was fear.  Fear mixed with defiance. She looked at him.  She laughed at him.

He pulled the trigger.  And a red flower appeared on her white dress.  It grew.  She stopped laughing.  She looked down, saw the blood, and looked at him.  And the fear was gone.  All he saw was pity.  And then the light in her eyes was gone.  She was gone.

When he saw this last night it was so real.  He could see the blood pumping on that white dress, could feel her getting cold.

He was horrified, angry at himself.  He berated himself for allowing such a daydream.  Such violent thoughts about the woman he loved.  He loved her like his own soul.

But it was more than a daydream.  He was reliving it.  He could feel his hand pulling the trigger, the smell of fresh blood.

Then he knew that they had been together before.  And she had rejected him for someone else.  Suddenly he understood his own feelings.  He understood how he could feel love and revulsion for the same person.

It scared him.  It confused him.  Part of him said it was just a vision.  It was not real.  What was real was her sitting here next to him in the car, his bride, together with him on their honeymoon.

But how do you wipe out a memory?

He could not tell her what he had experienced. How do you tell your bride that you had had a vision of killing her?

But he could not bear the thought.  Was it a vision of things to come?  It was so real.  Why did he not listen to these warnings before getting married?  What if she is already involved with someone else? 

Read the whole story in A Tapestry of Life, a collection of short stories about moments that changed people’s lives.  The book can also be obtained from Trafford Publishing.

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What is re-incarnation?

14th Feb 2008

Imagine one massive drop of water, as big as the earth, falling from a great height.  What will happen when it hits a flat surface?

Yes, the massive drop of water will split into tiny droplets – myriads of them.  That is similar to what happened when we got separated from God.  We became humanity, and there are a few billion of us on this planet. 

Imagine that each one of us also broke into pieces at the beginning of time.  Each one of us strive to become whole again, and then to become part of God again.  How do we do that?

Imagine each of those tiny droplets that form you, wanting to unite with the other droplets again, and then wanting to re-unite with the other individuals that are part of the gigantic drop that is God.  It would be like watching a reversed film of the droplets becoming a gigantic drop again.

This process of becoming whole again can happen in one lifetime, or it can happen over many lifetimes.  That is re-incarnation.

Each lifetime that we spend on this earth is part of eternity.  Each lifetime brings us closer to being whole as individuals again, and that is why we return to this earth.

The bodies, people and circumstances we choose each time we return to the earth depend on what we need to learn here.  Do we need to return as males or females?  With other people from previous lives whom we have unfinished business with?  Or with different people? 

Have you ever noticed that some people tend to have close bonds that are not affected by time of circumstances?  Like lovers or twins that separate and meet again years later?  Mother and daughter that are very close?  Friends that live in different countries, but always remain in contact?

Could it be that such people have become whole to the extent that they are there to support one another on this part of the eternal journey?

The opposite is also true – that people experience intense destructive emotions about each other, but for some reason they cannot separate.  We all know about the wife that in her mind has a very good reason for staying with a cheating or violent husband.  The same holds for e.g. incestuous relationships and for abused and neglected children.

None of these happen by chance or by accident.  It is all part of a Plan that spans centuries, and of a movement towards integrating first with our selves, and then with one another.

Eternity does not know time.  We created time so that we can better understand the Plan.

Eternity also does not know form.  We use bodies because we are not spiritually whole enough yet to leave those bodies behind.

We keep re-incarnating until we can, as in the example of the droplets, be re-integrated again.

Then, like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi and others like them, we return to this earth again, so that we can light the path for our brothers and sisters.  Our aim is to re-integrate all souls, so that we can become One with God again.

That is what re-incarnation is about.

That is why we sometimes “recognise” complete strangers and experience déjà vu (the strong, sure feeling that you have been in a particular place or situation before, even though your logical mind says it is impossible).

That is also why we sometimes have shocking daydreams about the people we love most, and why we often have such difficulty breaking away from the people that hurt us most.

Once we understand that we are part of eternity, it often becomes easier to understand the most joyful and most hurtful parts of our lives.  Then we get closer to being like those perfect single drops of water that reflect the beauty of nature, or even to being like the collection of perfect drops that form a rainbow.

Read this extract from a short story that illustrates how previous lives impact on our current lives.

Love and Light

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Welcome to my blog!

14th Feb 2008

Welcome to my blog!  I am new at this, and it will take a while for us all to settle in.

I have decided to write a blog because people tell me I have much to give to the world.  Actually not me, but my spirit guides and guardian angels who like to give me experiences.  They also give me wisdom and information, and it is time for this to be shared with the world.

This website is called my purple blog because purple is the colour of the third eye, which I have. I am psychic.

By using that word – psychic – I have just lost half of the readers, because they fear the unknown.  That is OK with me.  I have also gained half the readers, because, like me, you have questions about life and why we are here and how the puzzle of life and the world fits together.

Is this blog religious?  No.  I do not subscribe to any organised religion.

I would rather describe the views that I express here as spiritual.

I was brought up in a Christian culture, but at some point in my life the questions outweighed the answers, and being called a Christian just does not resonate with me any longer.

I do believe in a Higher Force, and I choose to call that Higher Force God.  You may call Him/Her by a different name, or you may not believe in such a Higher Force at all.  Either way, I welcome you into my world.

The views that I will express here are based on my understanding.  I take responsibility for them, even though attribute many of them to my spirit guides and guardian angels.

These entities are as real to me as you are.  I see them, I hear them, and they are part of my life.  If you do not believe in them, keep reading anyway, because you may benefit from their wisdom.  If you do believe in them, you are also welcome on my journey.

As the saying goes, for those that believe, no proof is necessary.  For those that do not believe, no proof will be enough.

My intention is to make my world a better place, and by writing this, also to make your world a better place when you read my blog.

By the way, I am not against religion.  If you have particular religious beliefs and they give you peace in your heart, Namaste (that means the Divine in me honours the Divine in you).

As we continue on this journey, you will see that my range of interests is wide and varied.

For me, everything I encounter is spiritual, because I am Spirit, just like you.

I like to look at everyday experiences and to see God in those experiences.

I would also love to hear from you, because I can learn so much from you.  I cannot promise a personal response to you, but I will certainly read everything you send.

Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

Love and Light